A cup of tea with…me


Sooooo, In my last post, way back in November(!), I mentioned an amazing blog course I was taking part in, hosted by Pip Lincolne of meet me at mikes
The course has now finished (sniff)…but Pip has given us students a mini assignment/opportunity to link to her blog with an interview on ourselves. Despite life (and the small peeps) getting in the way of me actually updating my blog, this learning experience has been immense and SO gratifying. So I’m joining in, despite the lack of content as of yet.

Go sign up to Pip’s next intake. Go on! And in the meantime, humour me while I self indulge:

a bit about me (me me me me me!)
So, I’m Lynn and I live in the Peak District, a hilly hilly area in Derbyshire, England. I escaped London for the countryside after having children, and am enjoying a slower pace of life. Four days a week I get to be a full time mum to two squishy boys (aged 1 and 7), and three days a week I don my professional cap and work in social services, safeguarding vulnerable adults being mistreated by their families. My passions outside of this “proper” job are screen printing and fabric design…and all things crafty. I live to make. So I’m a bit of a mixed bag really.

favourite things to do
Drawing and designing, and making these designs into prints. Knitting and crocheting. Crafting in every spare moment. Gymming and hill walking…and trying to cram as much into life as possible. It’s tricky!

favourite place to be
Hmmmmm. Either on my sofa with my boys, or out stomping in them there lovely green hills…preferably in the wind but always with the sun on my jumper.

favourite things to eat and drink
Easy! Halloumi. Grilled. Every time.
And drink? Gin and tonic (don’t mind if I do). Sailor Jerry’s rum. Or a strong black americano.

favourite inspirations
My children inspire me to be happy.
My husband inspires me to be content.

something I want to know more about
Yikes. That’s tricky. MANY things. If I had to learn a new profession I’d study medicine. Artistically I’d like to learn letterpress.

some favourite blogs
Obviously it was meet me at mikes that got me started. I want to BE Pip Lincolne.
I love “according to matt” this guys crochet is just amazing…and his blog is so PRETTY
I blinkin’ adore Jane Foster’s blog. Her screen printing is inspiring, and so flipping cute! Cool as.
And one to watch…my friend Jo. She takes wicked photo’s but doesn’t blog enough! Like me, she’s got a lot to give but just needs to get it out there. Please drop in and encourage her at “all that you leave behind”


Blog With Pip

I’m doing an online blogging course at the moment, with the inimitable and delovely Pip Lincolne from Meet Me At Mikes.  The course is called “Blog with Pip” and is worth every penny.  It’s a 4 week course, and I’m still taking it all in before I really let loose on this pretty much non-existent blog page…but the main thing is I’m having SO MUCH fun.  It’s been ages since I was at Uni, ages since I started a new job, and therefore pretty much ages since I’ve learnt anything new (apart from how to be a mum).  It’s good to be taxing the brain a bit, AND it’s given me a whole list of like minded peoples blogs to focus on.  Hurrah for Pip.

Holiday creations

So, holidays are supposed to be restful. I’m house sitting in the Cotswolds at the moment, and am staying in the most relaxing but most creative home I’ve ever seen.  And it’s got me all jumpy and fired up with craft ideas. But I have no materials! So I’m itching and bursting, and having to spill out copious notes and ideas onto paper in prep for when I get home. but not to be quashed by lack of materials, I’ve filled a couple of lazy evenings with some “makeshift” creations….the garden here is FULL of Scottish cob stones, so using the materials available (stones, a black sharpie and some kiddies paints), I’ve done some pebble painting.  The chickens came first (or was it the egg?): Image I’ll be leaving those ones here for Rachel, as her garden is also full of chickens. then came some Mehndi inspired designs: Image And now I’m STARTING on the wild flowers and seed heads…only one so far though: Image Ok, so, I get into something and then the idea just runs and runs. When I return home to delicious materials, I’ll hopefully do some more detailed ones. Beware if you know me, it might be rock paperweights for Christmas this year.